5 years ago Kik Community started as the first social network aimed specifically at the Kik Messenger user base. 5 years on and its still going strong!

Kik Community is a social network that was created with one goal in mind, to make it easier for Kik Messenger users to find new and interesting people to chat with. As Kik Community was one of the first, if not the first Kik social network it achieved great heights within its first few days of launch.

As of today, it has only continued to grow and expand. Recently it has been given a new lease of life, with tons of new features and massive improvements, and much more promised to still come.

The reason why its done so well is, it takes users safety, privacy, online security and user experience very seriously. You can search for kik messenger users all round the world based on any given location right down to country, state, city and\or town, well it all depends on what the user has chosen to share. Its concept is to make it as easy as possible to find the people that you want to chat with, you can also by a vast range of different criteria like, age, gender, interests, location, hobbies and much more.

So if you use Kik Messeneger and what to find someone new to chat with, then head over to Kik Community and sign up for free.