Find Kik Usernames

Since Kik messenger became popular several years ago it lacked a way of finding new kik messenger users to swap and share kik usernames with. A company called Miks Media, which isn’t affiliated with Kik Interactive, created a social network called Kik Community and provided the much in-demand service.

Kik community is a free website which allows you to search there database of active kik messenger usernames, you have the ability to search by age, gender, country, city, interests and more all for free. If you use kik messenger then its the number one place you should join, if you don’t have it then you should get it. Kik messenger is a powerful cross platform instant messenger, this means it works on all phones, tablets, pc’s, mac’s and any other device you can think of. Its free and very resource hungry so it wont eat up your data.

When you sign up to kik community you will be able to share pics & videos, join group’s, post status updates, ask users questions, send gifts, see who’s nearby and online, write a blog post, get involved in the forums and a lot more. All the features have been specially designed to make it easy for everyone to interact and make new friends. Its very safe and secure, users data is kept private and its down to you who you share your kik username with.

Meeting new people and making new friends is always fun, its become even easier now days with the help of social networks and instant messengers. More relationships have started online then ever before, free websites like kik community all play there part.

So grab your kik username and head over to kik community now, if you don’t like it you can always delete your account.