Kik Community is the Kik social network designed for Kik messenger users. Its a fun, safe, secure website that is monitored 24/7 and allows members to interact with other kik users. They can search, swap, or share there kik usernames with other users to make new friends, meet new or people even find there one true love.

As Kik Community has been designed as a social network there are tons of tools to help you interact with other users and use the site for its primary purpose which is to network and make new friends or even find your one true love.

Most of the feature we create and develop are designed to make it easy for you to interact and make new friends, there are tons of features that will help you get seen by as many users as possible. You also have the ability to search for users by age, gender, country, city, interests and more.

It only takes a minute to sign up to, you can even sign up with just one click using your Facebook account. Once you’re logged in you can instantly begin using the site, searching for other users and swapping kik usernames.

Kik Community is 3 years old and has millions of users for you to search thgrough. There are also distance features which shows you who’s nearby using kik messenger.