The Kik community is the largest social network just for Kik messenger users, its a fun, safe and secure place for Kik users to go and meet new people. The purpose of the site was to help users share and swap there Kik username to make new friends on there Kik messenger.

Since the release of the Kik community it has helped thousands of users connect with one another on a daily basis. Hundreds of new kik messenger users sign up each and everyday. You can search for other Kik messenger users by age, sex, country, city and more.

The Kik Community was created by Michael Tedder is May 2012, he has continued to work on the site and release new features every week. In just the last month alone the Kik community has expanded to new levels.

The latest feature that Michael Tedder released is designed to help improve user safety and help you find someone nice to chat to. The latest feature is called Trust Rank and helps you determine whether a user is worth adding to your Kik messenger or not. The high the trust the more trustworthy they are.

Within a matter of minutes you be sharing your Kik username and making new friends, just simply signup to the free Kik messenger community.