Theres only one place you should use to share your kik username and make new friends and that’s Its a social network site specifically aimed and helping the kik messenger users use there app to chat to new people. The kik messenger app like is 100% free, it’s a powerful instant messenger that works across all phones and devices. The app is a great way for you t stay in contact with friends or family but it doesn’t give you the option to search for new users.

The goal for is to create a very safe and secure database of kik messenger users that is accessible only by other kik messenger users. They will be able to search through users that want to be found based on similar interests or geographical location. The Kik Community has been created to run like a social network, it has all the fun interactive features you would expect from a social network plus a lot more. The head developer behind the social network Michael Tedder has released atleast one new feature each week since it when live to the public and has promised toc continue to roll out new updates all the time.

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