5 years ago Kik Community started as the first social network aimed specifically at the Kik Messenger user base. 5 years on and its still going strong!

Kik Community is a social network that was created with one goal in mind, to make it easier for Kik Messenger users to find new and interesting people to chat with. As Kik Community was one of the first, if not the first Kik social network it achieved great heights within its first few days of launch.

As of today, it has only continued to grow and expand. Recently it has been given a new lease of life, with tons of new features and massive improvements, and much more promised to still come.

The reason why its done so well is, it takes users safety, privacy, online security and user experience very seriously. You can search for kik messenger users all round the world based on any given location right down to country, state, city and\or town, well it all depends on what the user has chosen to share. Its concept is to make it as easy as possible to find the people that you want to chat with, you can also by a vast range of different criteria like, age, gender, interests, location, hobbies and much more.

So if you use Kik Messeneger and what to find someone new to chat with, then head over to Kik Community and sign up for free.


Swap Your Kik Usernames In Complete Safety

Kik messenger is now used by 500+ million users world wide, making it one of the most popular chat apps to use. Its a great way to stay in contact with your friends and family, and thanks to Kik Community you can now use it to meet people near by with similar interests.

Kik community is a free social networking website aimed at Kik messenger users, it gives them a safe and secure medium to share and swap there Kik usernames and make new friends. The website is geared up to allow users to safely find someone new to chat to, kik usernames are kept private at all times and its down to the user if they want to share it.

Thousands of users sign up to Kik community each and everyday, there are tons of features to keep users busy and to share the world and creations. Users can share photos, videos, blog, create groups, play games, interact with other users by sending gifts, asking questions, starting relationships and much more.

So if you use Kik messenger and want to start chatting to someone new then sign up to Kik community and start swapping Kik usernames

Find Kik Usernames

Since Kik messenger became popular several years ago it lacked a way of finding new kik messenger users to swap and share kik usernames with. A company called Miks Media, which isn’t affiliated with Kik Interactive, created a social network called Kik Community and provided the much in-demand service.

Kik community is a free website which allows you to search there database of active kik messenger usernames, you have the ability to search by age, gender, country, city, interests and more all for free. If you use kik messenger then its the number one place you should join, if you don’t have it then you should get it. Kik messenger is a powerful cross platform instant messenger, this means it works on all phones, tablets, pc’s, mac’s and any other device you can think of. Its free and very resource hungry so it wont eat up your data.

When you sign up to kik community you will be able to share pics & videos, join group’s, post status updates, ask users questions, send gifts, see who’s nearby and online, write a blog post, get involved in the forums and a lot more. All the features have been specially designed to make it easy for everyone to interact and make new friends. Its very safe and secure, users data is kept private and its down to you who you share your kik username with.

Meeting new people and making new friends is always fun, its become even easier now days with the help of social networks and instant messengers. More relationships have started online then ever before, free websites like kik community all play there part.

So grab your kik username and head over to kik community now, if you don’t like it you can always delete your account.

Kik Community is the Kik social network designed for Kik messenger users. Its a fun, safe, secure website that is monitored 24/7 and allows members to interact with other kik users. They can search, swap, or share there kik usernames with other users to make new friends, meet new or people even find there one true love.

As Kik Community has been designed as a social network there are tons of tools to help you interact with other users and use the site for its primary purpose which is to network and make new friends or even find your one true love.

Most of the feature we create and develop are designed to make it easy for you to interact and make new friends, there are tons of features that will help you get seen by as many users as possible. You also have the ability to search for users by age, gender, country, city, interests and more.

It only takes a minute to sign up to, you can even sign up with just one click using your Facebook account. Once you’re logged in you can instantly begin using the site, searching for other users and swapping kik usernames.

Kik Community is 3 years old and has millions of users for you to search thgrough. There are also distance features which shows you who’s nearby using kik messenger.

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If you like chatting to new people locally or even world wide using your smartphone then why not download the kik messenger app and join in the fun at kik community. The kik messenger app is a free powerful instant messenger app which can be downloaded on any device, it is already being used by more than 24 million users. It allows you to interact with other people for free, you can start private conversations as well as forming group conversations, you can also upload profile pictures as well as sharing pictures and a lot more, all for free.

If you already have kik messenger installed then you can head straight over to kikcommunity.com and start searching for new people to chat to. You can search for user by age, sex, country, city, interests and more, all for free.

The kik community has been designed to run like a social networking site, it has been created so its easy to interact with users and make new friends. The site comes jam packed full of features and has a very active development team constantly working on new features and improvements all the time. At the moment you can send users hugs, virtual gifts, set your relationship status, upload videos, start groups, play games and a lot more.

Kik community has been voted the number one website for kik messenger users and is growing at an alarming rate.

Hundreds o0f kik messenger users sign up daily to share there kik username and make new friends. All you need to do is fill out a very basic signup form which only asks for the basics, once you have logged in you can then fill out your profile and begin making new friends.

So what are you waiting for, grab your phone and your kik messenger username and head over to kikcommunity.com now.

The Kik community is the largest social network just for Kik messenger users, its a fun, safe and secure place for Kik users to go and meet new people. The purpose of the site was to help users share and swap there Kik username to make new friends on there Kik messenger.

Since the release of the Kik community it has helped thousands of users connect with one another on a daily basis. Hundreds of new kik messenger users sign up each and everyday. You can search for other Kik messenger users by age, sex, country, city and more.

The Kik Community was created by Michael Tedder is May 2012, he has continued to work on the site and release new features every week. In just the last month alone the Kik community has expanded to new levels.

The latest feature that Michael Tedder released is designed to help improve user safety and help you find someone nice to chat to. The latest feature is called Trust Rank and helps you determine whether a user is worth adding to your Kik messenger or not. The high the trust the more trustworthy they are.

Within a matter of minutes you be sharing your Kik username and making new friends, just simply signup to the free Kik messenger community.